Genetic Epidemiology: Methods and Applications

I began contributing to this course in 2022, leading classes on different sequencing technologies, how these have progressed, and what the future may hold.

Medical Genetics

I have co-led the Medical Genetics course here at UTHSC from 2020 onwards, covering subjects such as genetics, genomics, gene-by-environment effects, and resources available.

Bioinformatics I

I have taught on the Bioinformatics course since 2020, introducing student to variant calling from sequencing, the methods and the pitfalls.

Integrative Genetics

At UTHSC I have led several seminars for PhD students on an Integrative Genetics course from the Fall 2017 semester onwards, covering subjects such as indirect genetic effects, gene-environment interactions, gene-environment correlations and shell scripting.

Epigenetics in Health and Disease

During the 2017 winter semester I taught a course at UTSC entitled ‘Epigenetics in Health and Disease‘. This was a lecture/seminar/discussion class on the emerging field of environmental epigenetics. The course covered basic epigenetic mechanisms, methods in epigenetic research, epigenetic control of gene function, and the role of epigenetics in normal development and human disease.
After students were introduced to this broad overview of the field of epigenetics, they were given practical advice on how to read, understand and present information from the scientific literature. There were two primary outcomes: a presentation in pairs on a paper; and a mini literature review of a subject within the broad field of epigenetics in health and disease. Students were allowed to choose their topics for both of these, allowing them to delve deeper into areas of epigenetics that specifically interested them. The course syllabus can be found here.

Teaching Assistant

I worked as a Teaching Assistant throughout my PhD, on a variety of courses ranging from cancer, to electrophysiology, to epidemiology, in both a wet lab and dry lab setting, and in a wide variety of class sizes.

I was also twice employed as a teaching assistant on a University of Manchester undergraduate field course to South Africa. I worked closely alongside the course supervisor and other teaching assistants supervising groups of approximately thirty students over a two-week trip.

Student supervision

During my time in Manchester, Toronto, and Memphis I have provided individual supervision to both summer placement, final year project students, and graduate students. Here at UTHSC several students have successfully completed PhD rotation projects, and I am on several PhD committees.